iPhone online casino Poker Pursuit

Casino Poker Pursuit for iPhone

Owners of market-leading machines like the iPhone or iPad know all too well that these high-tech toys are much more than communication devices. With their ability to source music, videos and other multimedia entertainment from the worldwide web, they have become one-stop centralised lifestyle hubs that help users fill their leisure time with all sorts of options.

Fans of casino games can access online and mobile casinos from their iPhones, playing for free or for real money as it suits them. iPhone online casino Poker Pursuit is increasingly popular among players who know a good idea when they see one: the chance to increase poker winnings on a strong hand, while minimising losses on the weaker ones. It sounds too good to be true, but that is, in effect, the option that iPhone online casino Poker Pursuit offers the well-prepared player.

How Poker Pursuit Works

Poker Pursuit is a straight contest between the player and the online casino; there are no other players at the table, so no bluffing is involved. The dealer doesn’t draw a hand; the object is simply for the player to get the best poker hand possible with five cards. Just as in video poker, all winning poker combinations are assigned a set payout value, usually expressed as a multiple of the stake bet.

Winning combinations and their payout values are usually displayed to one side of the screen in an iPhone online casino. Where Poker Pursuit players have an advantage, is in the game’s three betting rounds. The player bets an ante, and is dealt three cards. If they look promising and the player expects to create a well-paying combo with the next two cards, they can increase their bet before the fourth card is dealt.

If the player is not too impressed with the first three cards, they can simply call for the next card without raising the bet. The procedure is repeated before the fifth card is dealt: the player can raise again if the fourth card brought good news, or simply call if the chance of a win is not looking promising. After the fifth card is dealt, winning combinations are assessed and the player is paid out according to the total stake wagered.

Finding iPhone Online Casino Poker Pursuit Options

Because Apple has a corporate policy not to create real-money gambling game apps, iPhone owners may not find as many compatible online casino Poker Pursuit apps as other smart phone users will. However, many online casinos offer play directly through mobile device browsers, so iPhone users can still find plenty of online casino Poker Pursuit options to choose from. They will also have to check if online gambling for real money is allowed in the jurisdiction they reside in, but for those who like Poker Pursuit purely for the thrill of playing, there are no such restrictions. They can enjoy hours of iPhone online casino Poker Pursuit at free casino sites whenever they feel like it.