iPhone farkle

Get Hours of iPhone Farkle Entertainment

Loyal Apple fans have discovered that the iPhone is an ideal mobile entertainment hub, making music, videos and other multimedia content accessible anywhere, anytime. As a device, the iPhone is particularly suited to games; the screen is big enough to display complex game boards and the touchscreen functionality makes play a matter of intuitive taps and swipes. Fans of the habit-forming dice game Farkle will be pleased to know that iPhone Farkle is also an option.

There are several kinds of iPhone Farkle apps on the market, most of which can be downloaded for free but feature paid-for add-ons. Many online casinos that can be accessed directly on the iPhone’s Internet browser, without the need for any downloads, also offer Farkle games. Players also get the choice of how to play: purely for fun against computers, other players or friends and family for points and bragging rights only; in free casinos where bets and pay-outs are in credits only, but players who amass enough credits are entered in lucky draws to win real-value prizes; or at real-money casino tables, where they can bet and stand to win real money.

With the last option, players may be restricted by local regulations regarding gambling for money. For those who enjoy playing Farkle just for fun, however, there is a huge range of iPhone Farkle options available for play in any jurisdiction.

Basic Scoring Rules of Farkle

There are plenty of variations on Farkle, and each different iPhone Farkle game may play to slightly different rules, but some standard scoring rules apply to them all. Farkle requires two or more players, throwing the dice in turn and trying to rack up points. There will be a target score (usually 10,000 points), and the first player to surpass this total wins.

Scores are based on the value of the dice thrown: the standard scoring is 100 points for any 1s thrown, 50 points for any 5s thrown, and the other four numbers only scoring if the player throws three of a kind. Standard scoring for three of a kind is: 2s = 200 points; 3s = 300 points; 4s = 400 points; 5s = 500 points; 6s = 600 points; and three 1s score 1,000 points.

Farkle Game Play

The player starts each turn by throwing all six dice, then assessing the result and deciding which winners to set aside, and which dice to throw again. Or they can bank the win, and pass the dice on to the next player. If, for example, the first throw yields three 4s and a 1, the player may want to bank the 500 points, rather than throw only two dice again in the hope that one of them will score.

Because as soon as a player’s last throw yields no wins, they have “farkled”, so they lose any points from the turn that weren’t banked, and the dice pass to the next player. If, on the first throw, all six dice score points, the player has “hot dice”, and they can choose to bank, or throw all six dice again in the hope of increasing the score. Successful iPhone Farkle play revolves around knowing when another throw stands a good chance of scoring more points, and when to bank and pass on the dice, to avoid farkling.