iPad Vegas three card rummy

An Introduction to iPad Vegas Three Card Rummy

A casino card game that deserves to be better known among players around the word is Vegas three card rummy. Making for a refreshing change from card-comparing games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker, the goal of the game is to get lower points than the dealer for a win.

With iPad Vegas three card rummy, players can pit themselves against the dealer for fun or with real money, when they are at home, while taking a break from work, or even when out and about.

Players also aren’t limited to just one version of the game. Thanks to the top-rated software developers that power these recommended mobile and online casinos, players have a selection of games that each offer something unique.

Optimised for iPad

iPad Vegas three card rummy has been optimised for iOS devices, and offers a superb playing experience.

Clear graphics put a sumptuous games table in players’ palms, and stunning sound effects add to this thrilling casino experience. The table and buttons are clearly marked and easy to follow, so even if players are new to the game, they should be able to get the hang of playing it quickly and easily.

Playing Options for iPad

Players who want to experience the thrills of iPad Vegas three card rummy can do so using the following playing options available at mobile and online casinos of the highest quality.

The easiest way to play is to enjoy the Flash game in browser. To do this, players usually need to sign up, and then choose the version of the game they want to play.

The other option is to download the app for iOS devices.

How to Play

Once a player has selected the version of iPad Vegas three card rummy they want to play, they will need to place the Ante or opening bet. They will also have the option of placing a bonus or side bet.

To do this, players need to tap the Bet button. Thereafter, the player needs to tap the Deal button, which will see the player receive three cards face up, and the Dealer receive three cards face down.

The next decision to be made by the player is whether to Raise, and continue playing, or to Fold, and end the game. Remember, the idea is to have a points total lower than the Dealer’s.

If the iPad Vegas three card rummy player chooses to Raise, they need to place another bet equal to the Ante, before the Dealer’s cards are turned face up.

The next stage depends on whether or not the Dealer’s hand qualifies. To do this, the Dealer needs 20 or less points.

If the Dealer qualifies, the totals of the two hands will be compared to reveal the winner. If the player wins, the Ante bets will be paid out at even money, and the Raise bets according to the pay table.

If the Dealer does not qualify, Ante bets will be paid out at even money, and Raise bets will push.

A Basic Strategy

This basic iPad Vegas three card rummy strategy will help a player decide whether to Raise or Fold. If the player has 20 or less points, they should Raise. If the player has 21 or more points, they should fold.