High roller bonuses

High Roller Bonuses for Online Casino Game Players

High roller bonuses are special types of offers, usually made up of an enormous amount of free money, that online casinos make available to players who spend larger-than-usual amounts of money playing the games that these virtual venues make available. It is usually provided in the form of a match bonus, and is offered as part of a welcome package to players to thank them for signing up. Players who spend big amounts of money on casino games are known as high rollers, and they are extended a number of extra services that run-of-the-mill players who play baccarat; roulette; poker; or slots games with smaller amounts of money riding on the outcome are not able to partake of.

Casinos that cater specifically for high roller bonuses will also have several other elements on offer as part of their service for these players:  higher limits on wagers; personalised account managers; and other VIP service tweaks that draw these kinds of players in and make them feel as valuable as they are will all be available. Because of the fact that this kind of bonus offers far bigger amounts of money, and the fact that one of its main attractions is an air of exclusivity, not all casinos make it available and they are slightly more difficult to find.

Finding the Best High Roller Bonuses Online

Players will be able to find the best online casinos that provide the kind of high roller bonuses they are looking for most easily by making use of a casino comparison site that lists this type of information for them, comparing a number of different places to play and offering ratings and reviews for all their different aspects.

Players on the hunt for the best high roller bonuses will need to keep a number of things in mind, ranging from practical considerations like whether or not the online casino they are considering has a well-established reputation; the range of slots machine games and other forms of online casino entertainment they make available; and the overall usability of the site, right on through to the details on the various bonuses they make available to their players.

High Roller Bonuses Contain Various Advantages

High roller bonuses are not simply those that offer larger amounts of money to players that are willing and able to spend more. Different online casinos will all have dissimilar elements added to this type of package, but there are some parallels as well.

The personal accounts manager is one of the high points of high roller bonuses and the packages they come along with, and these will often be the first point of contact for the bettors that are making use of this reward. These are individuals who are at the beck and call of the bettor, and are able to not only instantly respond to any issues the player may have, but can attend to these totally individually and on a personalised basis as well. High rollers risk more money, and are thus more valuable players overall to casinos both brick-and-mortar and virtual, and this is why they receive the extra-special treatment they do.


High Roller Bonuses

High Roller Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos believe that their high roller players deserve special treatment and as these are the people who are taking big risks and spending large amounts of money, this certainly seems justified.

High rollers are always looked after at online casinos, as they are exactly the type of player a site hopes to attract. By keeping high rollers happy they generally tend to continue patronising a familiar site for an extended duration of time.

Exclusive bonuses offered to players who make a deposit over a certain amount are a common feature at online casinos. These high roller bonuses are usually for those who deposit $1000 or more at a time, or who play in high stakes games on a regular basis.

High Roller Casinos

In Atlantic City and Las Vegas the term whales has been given to high rollers and although less than flattering, it certainly relates to the gargantuan sized bets these players place. In brick and mortar casinos high rollers have always been extremely well looked after and at online casinos the treatment is the same.

High roller bonuses may differ between those offered by land-based casinos and those online. This is simply because their composition is not really comparable, so online casinos need to make use of more monetary-based rewards instead of free dinners, limo rides and other high roller bonuses that are commonly offered in a land based environment.

Many players feel that online casinos are better equipped to take care of whales, offering better high roller bonuses than their brick and mortar counterparts. These bonuses are further enhanced by a wider selection of games and a higher RTP, making online play all the more rewarding overall.

Famous High Rollers

There are several famous whales who play both online and off and these players almost certainly know how to spot a high roller bonus that’s worth their while and be able to use it to their advantage.

Media mogul Kerry Packer, Larry Flynt, Jerry Bush and Kamel Nacif are all renowned for their high roller gaming and often make bets that run into the millions. You can almost guarantee that these players are given the red carpet treatment and although their spend may be far higher than usual, other high rollers can also enjoy similar rewards when playing online.

VIP High Roller Bonus Offers

You don’t need to be as rich as Kerry Packer or as well known as Larry Flynt in order to benefit from high roller bonuses at online casinos. Many online casinos don’t only recognise high rollers as those who place large bets, they also acknowledge players who enjoy their favourite games on a regular basis and reward them accordingly.

High roller bonuses can take on many forms, from Match bonuses to exclusive VIP club membership and entry into competitions. When playing online, players can select a casino that offers maximum return on all deposits and that awards loyalty points to those who spend plenty of time playing at one gaming establishment. Players may also be assigned a VIP hostess who keeps in touch and informs players of new games, bonuses and special promotions and ensures they always enjoy the best possible gaming experience online.

It’s this type of personal touch that keeps players loyal and when coupled with a high roller bonus it can only serve to ensure they keep coming back for more.