Craps For Online Casinos

When it comes to online casino games, there are several different variations available to players. No two games are the same, although sometimes, different versions of classic, traditional games are made available. One such game is craps, which has been around for several hundreds of years.

The digital version was designed to be played on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices so that fans of the game no longer had to go to traditional casinos and could instead play the game from the comfort of their own homes. This can be done on several platforms, just as long as an internet connection is present. As with any other game, craps needs to be fully understood before it can be played. Find some tips on how to play below.

Buying Chips

In order to play craps online, you need to purchase chips first. These chips form an integral part of the playing experience as they help determine your success. Once you choose a certain amount, you will then need be given chips to the equivolent of that by the dealer. As a rule of thumb, the higher the value of your chips are, the more successful your game has been.

Understanding The Dice

In craps, the dice forms an incredibly important part of the game as all wins and loses are stacked against what the dice say. It is important for players to understand that when playing craps, not just in traditional casinos but online as well, the dice dictates wins and loses for everyone playing. Each roll of the dice affects your game. In other words, a player can still win or lose chips on a round they did not even bet on. It’s a fairly easy concept to understand, but one that needs to be understood in its entirety before the game can be played.

Adding Things Up

During any game of craps, it is important to understand that when the dealer calls out a number, he or she is calling out the sum total of the two sets of dice. For example, if the dealer calls out ‘five’, they weren’t calling out just one number from one set of dice. Instead, the two sets have yielded a sum total of five, possibily by one displaying three and the other two or one set four and the other just one. Whatever the case may be, when a dealer calls out the number, understanding the fact that they have added the two amounts together is key.

Playing craps online is not unlike playing the game in a traditional casino. In fact, it is very similar. The same rules apply as they do in traditional casinos, and although he or she may not be physically present, the dealer in the online variation of the game still functions in the same way. Understanding all of the intricacies of craps is key to playing the game. There are also several different variations of the game available – some themed and some more traditional.