Baden-Baden casino

Baden-Baden Casino in the Black Forest

Baden-Baden casino is purportedly the oldest casino operating in Germany, and one of the very first places at which to play real money casino games in all of Europe. It is also one of the most lavish and regal, inspired as it was by the splendour of the Palace of Versailles. It is located at the centre of the famous Black Forest, and dedicates itself to glamour; glitz and style, recreating the golden age of one of the most extravagant periods in human history.

Baden-Baden casino is famous for catering to the rich; famous and powerful, and originally became internationally known thanks to one of the greatest writers in recent times, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, after he wrote his famous novel The Gambler in order to offset the debt he had accumulated at its tables. Marlene Dietrich, the acclaimed German-American actress/singer, once called it the most beautiful casino in the world.

Baden-Baden casino has a history dating more than 250 years, and it can rightly be seen as a temple to the world of gambling. It was a popular meeting place for nobles who enjoyed games of chance, and the elite of various fields of human endeavour, and it has continued to serve as a drawcard for players around the world to this day.

Baden-Baden Casino Guest Options

There are three restaurants for visitors to enjoy when they pay the Baden-Baden casino a visit, and a variety of classic casino games too, including blackjack; poker; roulette and, of course, slots. While a slightly more formal dress code is in place for the table games, slots take place in a far more casual setting.  Players will have to be at least 21-years old no matter which games they wish to take part in.

Baden-Baden casino is open from 2pm each afternoon to 2am each morning, and players are able to enjoy table games until as late as 1am. There is an admittance fee of ‎€5, and refreshment may be taken at the Kurhaus’ Equipage bar and the Sommergaten, which features a Mediterranean menu.

The Equipage is an incredibly visually pleasing music; dance and cocktail bar, delivering an upscale ambience that can be felt as soon as patrons enter the bar. This venue is over 20 years old, and is patronised by both young and old thanks to the quality of service it delivers. It is equipped with fine furnishings; delicate lighting; an excellent choice of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and superb service, and provides musical entertainment with international bands appearing from 9pm through to 4am. There is no entrance fee required.

The Glamour of Baden-Baden Casino

There is a morning tour available at the cost of €5, and this does not require guests to be dressed to suit any particular dress-code. Taking part in this tour will also allow players to enjoy the attractions the casino has on an evening of his or her choosing totally free of charge.

The tour itself is only available to German-speakers, but the ticket window is able to provide a sheet with the highlights outlined in English and a number of other languages. The tour provides a mixture of information on the history of the Baden-Baden casino; how the different rooms are used today; and the basics on some of the table games are also provided.